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Shot by my wife!
February 2020

Life is more than just a career. There are many other important influences on my life that require time and attention. Outside of the work and service commitments associated with my job as a professor, here are some other interests that make me who I am:


  • Most importantly, I am a Christian. This is a decision and commitment based not on upbringing or tradition, but careful consideration of evidence. If you are interested to know more about this, read more here.


  • I am married to Superwoman (not Lynda Carter). She is a PhD geneticist that previously reinvented herself as a professional photographer, travel agent, direct sales of wellness products from Monat, and as as assistant director of a well-known local art gallery.  In our 26+ years of marriage, we have remodeled several homes, designed and built our current house, traveled much of the U.S. and a little of the rest of the world, as well as parented 3 kids, 5 dogs, roughly 14 fish, and one hedgehog.

  • Speaking of kids... we have three girls.  Let that sink in for a minute...

    • The oldest is married, a graduate of Texas A&M ('20, International Studies), in her second year pursuing her PhD in Political Science. Talented singer and actress. Drives a Mustang. She and her husband are both beautiful inside and out. 

    • The youngest is in 10th grade. Loves animals, reading, candy, and soccer. Learning to drive. Mostly standard teenager stuff.

    • The middle girl is in her second year of college. Uber-competitive. Driven to be the best at everything. School, sports, music, everything... Also drives a Mustang.

    • Currently I also drive a Mustang. Lord willing, soon all of the girls will drive Mustangs - and I will finally get to drive something else!

  • I love music--listening and playing. Most genres, but especially hard rock (I lived in California most of the 80's--the prime era of hair bands and glam rock).  I play guitar and trumpet, and am learning bass guitar as well. I still dream of being a rock star when I grow up, but right now I am just "playing at it" a little with my friends that have been doing it for 18 years.

  • I have many other interests, but particularly enjoy general fitness, good food, and traveling. I coached soccer since I was an undergraduate, and continued to do this as another way to spend time with my kids until they reached high school. I have been known to end up with a small part in a play for a local community acting troupe (like when they need pirates or soldiers that can sing a little).

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