Shot by my wife!


Life is more than just a career. There are many other important influences on my life that require time and attention. Outside of the work and service commitments associated with my job as a professor, here are some other interests that make me who I am:


  • Most importantly, I am a Christian. This is a decision and commitment based not on upbringing or tradition, but careful consideration of evidence. If you are interested to know more about this, read more here.


  • I am married to Superwoman (not Lynda Carter). She is a PhD geneticist that has reinvented herself as a professional photographer and now does direct sales of wellness products from Monat.  In our 23 years of marriage, we have remodeled several homes, designed and built our current house, traveled much of the U.S. and a little of the rest of the world, as well as parented 3 kids, 4 dogs, roughly 14 fish, and one hedgehog.

  • We have three girls.  Let that sink in for a minute...

    • The oldest is in her first year of college, International Studies. Talented singer and actress. Drives a Mustang.

    • The youngest is in 6th grade. Loves animals, reading, candy, and soccer.

    • The middle girl is in 10th grade. Uber-competitive. Driven to be the best at everything. School, sports, music, everything...

  • I love music, listening and playing. Most genres, but especially hard rock (I lived in California most of the 80's--the prime era of hair bands and glam rock).  I play guitar and trumpet, and am learning bass guitar as well. (I still dream of being a rock star when I grow up, although I will more likely live vicariously through my friends that are making that happen.)

  • I have many other interests, but particularly enjoy general fitness, good food, and traveling. I have coached soccer since I was an undergraduate, and continue to do this as another way to spend time with my kids. Every now and then I end up with a small part in a play for a local community acting troupe (like when they need pirates or soldiers that can sing a little).