BioSyM Lab Equipment

Inverted Phase/Fluorescence Scope
Make: Nikon

Model: TS2000

CCD Camera
CoolPix Color Camera
Dual-View Beamsplitter
Biochemistry Analyzer
Make: Yellow Springs Instruments

Model: 2700 Select
Particle Counter/Sizer
Make: Micromeritics

Model: ElZone 2 5390
Fluorescence Spectrometer
Make: ISS

Model: PC1

Accessories: Fiber bundle and connecting interface chamber
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Make: Cary/Agilent


Accessories: Thermostatted 6-Position Cuvette Carousel
Oxygen Microsensor
Make: Unisense

Model:  OX-500 Electrode and PA-2000 picoammeter
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