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Mission Statement


Our research mission is to develop miniature analytical tools (e.g. biosensors) and associated implementation protocols for medical research and clinical application. While aiming to produce useful and commercially valuable research findings, we value discipline, integrity, responsibility, and teamwork. 


Our training mission is to prepare members to be contributors and leaders in an interdisciplinary research and development environment. This is accomplished by a combination of relevant and challenging biomedical engineering projects, specific professional development activities, and an atmosphere that encourages individual creativity as well as collaborative work.


We apply the following fundamental and advanced techniques to design, fabricate, characterize, and refine "smart materials" as biosensors for metabolic monitoring, studying neurochemical dynamics, and investigating physiological transport processes:


  • The use of nanotechnology allows us to assemble, at the nanoscale, materials that have unique and specific physical, chemical, optical, and biological functionality.


  • The use of fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy allows us to noninvasively monitor the environment within micro/nanostructures, particularly those designed to be miniature biochemical probes.


  • The use of mathematical modeling methods allows us to appropriately design micro/nanoscale systems and interfaces as well as predict chemical and optical behavior under different conditions.


  • The use of microtechnology allows us to precisely define chemical microenvironments for characterizing spatial and temporal responses of probes.

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