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There are always opportunities available to join the team


Now accepting applications for:


Visiting Scientists

Seeking productive researchers for sabbatical, mini-sabbatical, or other extended on-site research in group. Applicants should submit CV, list of references, brief statement of specific interest in current lab projects, and list of complementary skills they will bring to the group. Expectations include a commitment for a minimum of 6 weeks on-site, an agreement for joint publication of collaborative work, and require full financial independence—funding is only available to cover small supply needs.


Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Scientists

Seeking highly-motivated, well-trained personnel to support ongoing major research projects with ambitious deliverables. Candidates must have completed PhD in biomedical engineering or related area. Applicants should send a CV, personal statement indicating reason for interest in ongoing projects as well as career goals, and a list of references. The personal statement should specifically identify the applicant’s connection to one or more of the “current priorities” listed below.


*Current priorities: biomedical optics, instrumentation, biosensors, animal subjects, biomaterials, nanotechnology


PhD Students

Seeking students in all areas related to biomaterials and biomedical instrumentation. Applicants have completed or nearing completion of undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering or closely-related field.  Applicants must apply through the BME program; however, due to high demand, prospective students are strongly encouraged to communicate directly with Dr. McShane prior to applying.  Send a CV and personal statement that includes description of technical interests and career goals.


Undergraduate Researchers

Seeking highly motivated students interested in learning to do research in preparation for graduate school. Applicants must have completed freshman engineering curriculum. Expectations include a commitment for work ~10 hours/week during the academic year and 20-40 hours/week during the summer. Send a resume, list of 2-3 references, and brief description of interest in our group as well as career goals.


Send all application materials directly to Dr. McShane

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