biosensors use biological recognition to bind or react with target molecules.

These interactions are exploited to induce a change in a measurable optical property (fluorescence, phosphorescence, Raman scattering).

Specialized instrumentation is developed to monitor these changes, process the signals, and convert them to estimates of target molecule concentration

Our research is dedicated to developing better ways to assess the body's biochemical state, because of the underlying importance to chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, etc) as well as general health. To achieve that goal, we explore unique combinations of synthetic and natural nanomaterials as optical "reporters" and design instrumentation to "read" the output in a noninvasive manner.

While aiming to generate useful and commercially-valuable research products, we value discipline, integrity, responsibility, and teamwork. Team members are given opportunity to explore their own ideas, contribute to the work of others, collaborate with academic and industry partners, mentor junior scientists, participate in various service and professional organizations, teach in formal and informal settings, and pursue growth many of other areas of personal and professional development.

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Prof McShane gives Plenary Talk at Eurosensors 2016

September 5, 2016

Professor McShane delivered the first Plenary Talk to open Eurosensors 2016 conference in Budapest, Hungary. He talked about the future of sensor tech...

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