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Andrus defends MS Thesis

Liam Andrus, a graduate student with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University, successfully defended his Thesis in an oral presentation and subsequent closed oral examination on Tuesday May 19. He will graduate from Texas A&M in August with a MS in Biomedical Engineering. A post-defense celebration was held at Grub Burger Bar in College Station.

The work, entitled "Characterization of Lactate Sensors based on Lactate Oxidase and Palladium Benzoporphyrin Immobilized in Hydrogels," is the culmination of a year of work with our enzymatic sensing platform, as Liam explored the potential to make lactate sensors using the same principles as our glucose sensors. He demonstrated the flexibility of the approach and the ability to tune the sensitivity and range. Liam is planning to work in the medical device industry, specifically in the field of diabetes technology.

Congratulations, and best wishes!

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