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What does it mean, to say I am a Christian?


There are many different viewpoints on this term. Here is mine, which is likely different from many others.


  • It is a choice to follow Jesus Christ.  This is a decision and commitment based not on upbringing or tradition, but consideration of available evidence.


  • It is not a claim to perfect or to know everything. Far from it!

    • Admittedly, I do not always do or say what I should in a given circumstance. Decisions are not always right, though I do try to do what is best for everyone.

    • And I still have many questions, so continual study is needed. But based on examination, I have at least come to some basic conclusions about God and man:

      • There is a powerful divine being that created us in His image. We are not an accident, and there is far more to life than pursuit of personal pleasure.

      • This God has revealed Himself to man throughout time, so we may know what He wants us to know about Him, our history, and our future.

      • He sent a Savior to die for the sins of mankind, so we may restore our broken relationship with Him. Included within that is a promise for an eternal life to those that accept and live His way.

      • He has given us clear instructions on how to achieve this salvation and live in a way that is consistent with His nature, particularly by following the example and commands of Jesus.


  • The last point above includes within it the concept that there is an expectation for followers of Christ to live in a way that properly reflects this faith and hope, so I try my best to do that!


  • Because of these beliefs, there are things I will not do or support in the actions or words or others. I will not go about forcing my beliefs on anyone else. And I am not interested in arguing just for the sake of argument. However, I am willing to discuss sincere questions about what or why I believe. It is the least I can do to requite the love God has shown to me.

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